ALICIA JANE - Holistic Beauty & Wellness Specialist  

“I am passionate about raising awareness on the importance of balanced energy and the link to your skin concerns. I also want to help people achieve the ultimate goal of optimal health and wellness by incorporating a holistic and integrative approach into their daily rituals which support and sustain the body’s beauty from the inner, vibrational, emotional and spiritual level with emphasis being on the importance of nutrition, detoxification, hormonal imbalances, stress and Energetic beauty helping you to energise, balance and restore Mind Body & Skin.

Rare by Livkin’s founder Alicia's journey began with a profound connection to nature and love of natural ingredients and gemstones and crystals. Providing her with a vision to develop a high performance luxury skincare line founded on holistic principles suitable for all skin types, Formulated using the latest biotechnology, Ancient botanical wisdom and a newly discovered New Zealand Glacial Clay formed by the ancient collision of volcanic ash and glacial ice over three million years ago. The products resonate deeply with Alicia’s values, beliefs and drive to achieve optimal health through daily rituals that enhance lifestyle and wellbeing.

It was through her personal interests, years of research and study in Energetic medicine, holistic beauty and naturopathy also aligning with industry experts and specialists Alicia sought out to develop a skincare line which embraces a healing that encompasses the skin, complexion, mind, body & spirit. A world’s first which Alicia describes as ‘Energetic Beauty’

RARE is unique. It is a holistic luxury skincare brand designed to compliment people’s lifestyles. The products trigger a connection to your self through daily beauty rituals that unblock negative energies and bring balance to your wellbeing. RARE products are formulated to incorporate key age defying ingredients these have been chosen for their ability to target specific areas and deliver results for skin soothing, Skin replenishing/ restoring and to deliver antioxidants as well as hydration deep within the layers of the skin.

Alicia believes with health and wellness becoming more and more at the front of the way we live our lives ‘Energetic Beauty’ has a place and using skincare products with naturally energetically charged precious minerals and gemstones combined with the latest bio technology and blended with the magic of the Australian botanical super extracts will enhance and add another dimension to your skincare regime helping to achieve optimal health and vitality that will balance, restore and heal Mind, Body & Skin.


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