I have had the great pleasure of trying the Livkin range before the launch date and have been so impressed with the quality, experience and results of this brands amazing products. I noticed a dramatic improvement in the texture and appearance of my skin, in a very short period. The application of the glacial clay and the beautiful aroma of the botanial extracts just adds to the luxurious experience. The Rare masks tick all the boxes when it comes to investing in yourself. I will definitely continue to use this brand as part of my self care regime.
- MEGAN BARTON - Glacial Lift

This is the most incredible product ever! My skin has never felt so amazing.. You will not be disappointed! Congratulations Alicia on creating such a beautiful and unique range! - AMELIA - I Am Purifying

I started using the PURIFYING mask today and I am in love! It went on nicely and felt really good on my skin while it was on. It washed off very easily and left my skin feeling really soft. Can't wait to keep using it! - JESS - I Am Purifying

I shouted my mum, wife and sister some glacial lift and we all love it. The first time I have seen my wrinkles disappear in minutes. Also smells and feels great. - WILL GETIT - Glacial Lift 


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