Precious Minerals and Gemstones

The energetic, aesthetic and mystical power of the world’s rare gemstones has been known and used for thousands of years. Rare jewels and minerals have been scientifically proven to act as electro-stimulants for your skin and hold unique, holistic healing properties.

RARE by LIVKIN’s unique formulas contain precious minerals and gemstones that naturally increase cellular productivity, performance, repair and micro-circulation to help maximise the penetration of bioactive ingredients.

Everything in this universe is a vibration, including you. Your mind and body chakras and even your thoughts are vibrations. Gemstones have their own unchanging vibrations, each offering unique healing energy that works with your body’s chemistry to restore your body to its highest potential. The gemstones can help to stabilise the disharmony in your energy field, bringing balance and restoration and                             allowing your skin to heal energetically.

Our formulas are specifically designed to bring balance and harmony to your mind, body and skin. 

Our luxurious products are infused with the energetic minerals and gems that offer the greatest benefit to each skin concern. Heal dry/delicate skin through deep hydration powered by Blue Sapphire and Gold in our I AM DELICATE hydrate and heal mask or purify the skin and prevent premature ageing with our GLACIAL LIFT Tone, Firm and Lift Diamond and Pearl infused Sleep Mask.

Our unique Rare-essence mineral and gemstone blend is a luxurious formula of precious gold combined with healing and balancing gemstones. Resonating vibrations at a cellular energy level restoring harmony and empowering your skin to heal energetically.

for Purifying
Blue Sapphire
for Healing
for Balancing
for Energising


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