QWhat is your return policy?

While we believe you will love your RARE by LIVKIN skincare products, on the rare occasion that you do wish to return a product, our customer care team will assist you.

We accept returns on products damaged during shipping with proof of purchase (order receipt), and if returns are completed within 7 days of shipment.

If a product does not match the description on the website, you may return the item unused for an exchange of the correct product. For further details on returning an item you have purchased, click here for our delivery and returns information.

QHow long will it take to receive my order?

Our passion at RARE by LIVKIN is making your skincare ritual luxurious, relaxing and seamless. We aim to provide a quick delivery service to the best of our ability so that you can enjoy your products sooner.

Most orders are processed within 24 hours of receipt of payment (excluding weekends and public holidays). Orders placed after 3pm AEST will be processed on the following business day, subject to product availability.

All orders placed on weekends and public holidays will be processed on the following business day, subject to availability.

Once your order has been processed, it takes:

  • 3-5 days for delivery within Australia.
  • Express Shipping is available on request. 
QA tracking number will be supplied for tracking of your order.

As we use a third party for the delivery of your products, RARE by LIVKIN does not accept any liability whatsoever for delayed delivery caused by any third party.

For further details on delivery of your RARE by LIVKIN products, click here.

QAre your products or ingredients tested on animals?

We have never tested our products on animals. We test our products on ourselves and our network of skincare specialists to ensure we can offer you the best results on your skincare ritual. We release our products only when we are 100% satisfied with the results.

As a holistic brand passionate about nature’s healing powers, we support the wellbeing and rights of animals.

QWhy is your packaging so special?

Our packaging is a special as the rare ingredients in our products. Our skincare is packaged in 100% recyclable, dark violet, state-of-the-art MIRON glass bottles which offer biophotonic technology. Made in Switzerland, these high quality, luxury bottles are designed to provide optimal protection against the harmful effects of light, which can accelerate molecular decay for preservative and toxin free ingredients. Only the violet light wavelength is able to penetrate the glass, providing further benefits by activating and energising the molecules within.

MIRON glass bottles have been used since ancient times to preserve valuable essences and remedies and are shatter resistant, environmentally friendly, reusable and recyclable. Not only are these glass jars and bottles exceptionally beautiful, our MIRON glass bottles protect the energy of your skincare products, increase the shelf life and prolong the potency and vitality of the ingredients for the best results.

QIs your packaging recyclable?

Yes, both our boxes and jars are recyclable.

QIs my personal Information kept private?

While the internet presents many new and exciting opportunities, some people may feel concerned about how their personal information will be used. RARE by LIVKIN is committed to protecting your privacy and security. We follow strict privacy guidelines that define the way that we use and protect any identifiable personal information that you provide.

You can feel assured that we will not sell or share the information collected on our website with third parties so that your privacy, security and confidentiality can be preserved in every transaction you make with us.

We may use the information you provide to contact you, deliver product information, to help you place an order on our luxury skincare products and for tracking of your orders.

QHow long will my RARE by LIVKIN products last?

RARE by LIVKIN products are created using the world’s most powerful, luxurious and nourishing ingredients sourced from nature itself. As our products are preservative and toxin free, they are guaranteed to last up to 24 months unopened. However, we advise that you use your RARE by LIVKIN products within 12 months.

QHow do I know which products are right for me?

Every one of us is unique. We’ve created a collection of skincare products that provide harmonising, balancing and ultra-renewing benefits for every unique skin type. There is a thorough description of the ingredients, properties and rituals for each product on the product pages.

If you are unsure or have a specific query regarding products for your skin type, please contact us on hello@rarebylivkin.com

QAre RARE by LIVKIN’s products certified organic?

RARE by LIVKIN’s formulas contain a luxurious blend of revitalising wildcrafted and certified organic ingredients unique to Australia. We believe that everything you need for rejuvenated, hydrated, healthy and glowing skin is provided by nature.

Our plant-based ingredients and beautiful oils have been carefully chosen for their remarkably high antioxidants and nutrients that are essential for skin nourishment and repair. These berries, nuts, roots, oils and seeds are miraculously proven by science to revitalise, heal and repair the skin and provide long-lasting benefits.

Our wild harvested ingredients are grown in their natural habitat in Australia without any interference and contain incredibly high levels of antioxidants produced to allow these plants to grow and thrive in harsher environments. Our pure, ethically sourced organic botanical ingredients are strictly free from preservatives and other synthetic ingredients.

As a result of their pristine, untouched environments, our indulgent botanical ingredients contain nourishing levels of b-vitamins, flavonoids, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, zinc and melanin that hold anti-ageing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties for lasting skin health and beauty.

Our wildcrafted and organic ingredients are sourced using eco-sustainable practices and purchased under a Fair trade agreement. Indigenous communities sustainably harvest our native plant extracts as a communal incentive, so every RARE by LIVKIN purchase allows us to give back to our Indigenous communities.

Each luxurious product in the RARE by LIVKIN range contains a list of ingredients. In those lists, * denotes an organic and or wildcrafted ingredient.

QIs RARE By LIVKIN Australian owned and is the product made and manufactured in Australia?

RARE by LIVKIN is 100% Australian owned and our products are manufactured in Australia using the highest quality natural ingredients sourced locally and from around the world.

QAre your products suitable for vegans?

RARE by LIVKIN’s products are free of any animal components and/or by-products and are, therefore, vegan-friendly.

QWhat is unique about RARE by LIVKIN?

After spending many years testing and researching nature’s most unique and cutting-edge ingredients and studying both natural and traditional medicine and cosmetics, we’ve created an innovative, integrative skincare line that is harmonising, balancing and ultra-renewing for all skin types. Our sophisticated and exclusive formulas are scientifically designed to bring harmony into your complexion and overall well-being, drawing out electromagnetic stressors and toxins, stimulating cell renewal and collagen production, whilst hydrating and empowering your skin to heal energetically.

In a world-first, we use rare, mineral-rich green clay formed by the ancient collision of volcanic ash and glacial ice in New Zealand three million years ago, in our products. Combined with the purity and magic of some of the most precious minerals, gemstones and Australia’s wildcrafted botanicals, we’ve created the most unique, luxurious and naturally nourishing skincare collection that balances, strengthens, rejuvenates and energises the skin.

The ingredients in our products have also been embraced in beauty rituals for centuries, with proven healing, cleansing, beautifying and treatment properties. We are continually improving our formulas and staying ahead of the world’s purest, most nourishing natural ingredients so that we can pass those benefits on to you.

QAre my RARE by LIVKIN products chemical free?

What you put onto your skin, soaks in and can impact your body as a whole. Skincare, food, personal care and cleaning products today often contain large amounts of chemicals and preservatives. At RARE by LIVKIN, we believe coming back to nature is essential for inner and outer beauty and total wellbeing.

RARE by LIVKIN products are chemical free, with all-natural, luxurious ingredients sourced for their ability to empower your skin to heal energetically through a negative ion right environment.

Our products do not contain sulfates, parabens, alcohol, preservatives or sodium lauryl sulfate.

QWhat are the benefits of using chemical free skincare?

Many of the skincare products available contain hazardous chemicals like carcinogens, pesticides, industrial chemicals, reproductive toxins and hormone disrupters. What you put onto your skin soaks in and can impact your body and wellbeing as a whole.

RARE by LIVKIN’s luxurious products are created using organic and wildharvested botanicals, natural and mineral-rich glacial clay from New Zealand and precious minerals and gemstones that are highly beneficial to your skin and body.

QWhat is a precious mineral?

RARE by LIVKIN uses precious minerals gemstone in our luxurious. Most minerals on Earth are created when magma rises from the core of the planet to the surface and then cool. Crystals are formed by chemical elements that appear in liquid rock and change structure under high pressure or high temperatures, producing new mineral forms as a result.

QWhat are the benefits of gemstones in skincare?

Every precious gemstone has a different vibration and its own unique healing energy that works with your body’s chemistry to restore your body to its highest potential. Gemstones vibrate at a higher frequency, causing their energy to travel through the body towards the weaker cells to balance, restore and harmonise your body and complexion and target skin problems.

RARE by LIVKIN’s luxurious products are infused with the energetic minerals and gems that offer the greatest benefit to each skin concern. From warding off negative energy, cleansing the mood and skin, promoting inner peace, restoring harmony on the inside and out and acting as anti-bacterials, gemstones in your skincare offer an impressive array of benefits for the body, mind, skin and soul.

QWhat is electromagnetic pollution and how can I protect my skin against it?

Invisible to the eye, electromagnetic pollution or radiation is harmful energy waves that we are exposed to everyday. Electromagnetic pollution occurs every time electricity is used, whether through your mobile, computer, microwave, TV, light or any other electrical device you use at work or at home.

Electromagnetic pollution creates an imbalance in the body that the body cannot heal.

RARE by LIVKIN’s scientifically proven ingredients have been chosen for their innate ability to draw out and protect against electromagnetic toxins, working to reverse the negative effects of electromagnetic pollution on the skin and body as a whole.

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