Why you need the power of healing crystals in your skincare regime

Why you need the power of healing crystals in your skincare regime

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 Alicia Pasfield Comments (1)

Cultures across the world have studied the energy centres and the potential of energetic healing for thousands of years.

Although many of the ancient cultures did not have the internet or even books as a means of sharing their knowledge, many civilisations were attracted to and held belief that energy possessed healing powers.  

Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies, including you!

Take, for example, when you say that someone has “good vibes”. What you are really talking about is that person’s vibrational energy. Happy people vibrate at a higher frequency, so you can feel their effervescence.

Crystals and gemstones too emanate a vibrational energy that can support wellness and healing on a holistic level. The metaphysical properties and vibration frequency of each unique crystal will resonate with a different aspect of your body, mind and soul. Science has proven that crystals and gemstones act as electro-stimulants for your skin and hold unique, holistic healing properties that can restore your body to its full potential.

The Egyptians were well known for their use of crystals. Cleopatra often used lapis lazuli stone on her eyes to promote enlightenment and bring awareness. Romans used crystals for good health and protection in battles, and Roman and Greek doctors mixed crystal minerals with plant extracts for medicinal purposes.

Just like yoga and meditation, using healing crystals in aspects of your life, particularly in your skincare regime, can eliminate negative vibes and bring balance and harmony to your body, mind, soul and overall wellbeing.

After spending many years working with industry experts and researching the benefits of the rarest crystals, we’ve created a collection of luxurious products that are infused with the energetic minerals and gems that offer the greatest benefit to each skin concern.

Diamonds for purifying

The diamonds in our anti ageing Glacial Lift sleep mask optimise the penetration of ingredients into the skin, helping to provide intense lifting and tightening and giving your skin a luminous glow. The purity of diamonds empowers your mind and body for success and unleashes your inner-goddess.

Pearls for timeless beauty

The pearls in our Glacial Lift sleep mask are a symbol of timeless beauty, provide protection from the sun and promote skin regeneration. Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, pearl extract soothes and balances energy, benefiting your skin and overall wellbeing.

Blue sapphires for healing

The blue sapphires in our I Am Delicate mask provide hydration for the ultimate skin revitalisation. The infusion of sapphire brings peace of mind, love and serenity to your physical, mental and spiritual being, creating balance and restoration to your mind, body and skin.

Amethyst for balancing

Amethyst is a powerful gem of change and healing with a high spiritual vibration that boosts the skin’s natural protection against blemishes, pollutants and negative energies. The amethyst in our I Am Purifying detox mask eliminates toxicity, eases hormonal balancing, supports self-love and calms stress for a healthy, balanced complexion, mind and body.

Tourmaline for energising

The tourmaline in our Glacial Glow brightening mask protects your complexion from external electromagnetic pollution, stimulating blood flow circulation whilst also channelling the healing powers of nature to ground your energy and increase vitality.

Gold stimulates cell growth and repair

The gold mineral in our I Am Delicate, I Am Purifying and Glacial Glow masks acts as an electro-stimulant, which is known to stimulate cell growth and repair, restoring elasticity and slowing down depletion of collagen.

A beautiful complexion, good vibes and overall wellbeing – what more can you want from your skincare regime!

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