After spending many years testing and researching nature’s most unique and cutting-edge ingredients and studying both natural and traditional medicine and cosmetics, we’ve created an innovative, integrative skincare line that is harmonising, balancing and ultra-renewing for all skin types. Our sophisticated and exclusive formulas are scientifically designed to bring harmony into your complexion and overall well-being, drawing out electromagnetic stressors and toxins, stimulating cell renewal and collagen production, whilst hydrating and empowering your skin to heal energetically.

In a world-first, we use rare, mineral-rich green clay formed by the ancient collision of volcanic ash and glacial ice in New Zealand three million years ago, in our products. Combined with the purity and magic of some of the most precious minerals, gemstones and Australia’s wildcrafted botanicals, we’ve created the most unique, luxurious and naturally nourishing skincare collection that balances, strengthens, rejuvenates and energises the skin.

The ingredients in our products have also been embraced in beauty rituals for centuries, with proven healing, cleansing, beautifying and treatment properties. We are continually improving our formulas and staying ahead of the world’s purest, most nourishing natural ingredients so that we can pass those benefits on to you.


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